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Amazing Websites & Quality Customer Service


WordPress Engineering

What is WordPress Engineering? We host, develop, secure, design and innovate WordPress. WordPress helps users create SEO-Friendly and mobile, responsive websites that are a cinch to update.

SEO/Email Marketing

Need to make sure your web site and your emails reach their intended audience? We can help. Using the latest in SEO-friendly strategies for your website as well as popular email programs such as MailChimp & Constant Contact, we can help your business do just that.

Creative Design

Form will always follow function, but no one said that it still couldn’t look good! We make sure that you website looks sharp as well as provides the tools and resources that your clients need.

Rockstar Support!

A business can offer a superior product or service, but unless it’s supported from front to back, then it’s only as good until the first time it breaks. We aim to provide you the best possible service and support for all our projects.

SiteJockey | Design Services

From start to finish, we listen to our clients to ensure that we get it right the first time.


From logos to websites and quality site and product photos, SiteJockey is a full-service, online development company.


Using the latest technologies and design practices, we make sure your business is leading rather than following your competitors.