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Welcome to SiteJockey

Expedition Technologies, Inc.We are a full-service web development, hosting and WordPress engineering firm. We specialize in getting your business dialed into the latest in web technologies and ensure that you have the tools to keep your site up to date.

SiteJockey was merged with Expedition Technologies, Inc. in the Fall of 2002. Expedition Technologies, Inc. had been doing business in California’s Central Valley since April of 1997.

Since the birth of SiteJockey we have set out to turn endless technological possibility into business transforming reality. We have become leaders in producing digital business applications that place the needs of our clients at the center of the production process.

We strive to establish lasting relationships with our clients by taking the time necessary to gain a full understanding of their business and its specific needs. Our integrated approach draws on the expertise of our talented production teams, allowing us to provide full-service solutions that continue to grow and evolve as business conditions change.

Our experience gives us the ability to approach projects from a holistic perspective, fusing insightful strategic and conceptual guidance with customized content creation and graphic design in interaction with the latest digital application programming. As mind-numbing technology and awe-inspiring digital design become one with strategic business development, SiteJockey can help you take your business from possibility to reality.

Who We Are?

Normal people doing extraordinary work for our ever-valued clients.

Why Choose Us?

Quality, quality … Quality. Oh, and did we mention … Quality?

Our Mission

Provide an honest assessment of your projects and deliver a stunning website, on time and on budget.

What we Do?
  1. Create awesome websites, Drink Coffee, Ponder how to create better websites.


Our work embodies the intersection of design, technology, content, and marketing. We are obsessively focused on helping organizations achieve core, business goals using the digital space.








Cups of Coffee


Let’s face it, the main force behind the “technology revolution” was technology; and the engine of today’s digital world is still technology. We are not satisfied with what was effective yesterday, but seeks to develop leading edge applications that will effectively answer the challenges of the present and the future.

Ranging from financial service providers to non-profit organizations, industrial corporations to e-commerce retailers, our technology team has extensive experience developing digital applications for businesses in diverse industries. Such diverse experience has forged in us the ability to apply our expertise in technology to an extremely wide array of business challenges. Our approach begins with strategic evaluation of client needs to guide the custom development of digital business systems that apply directly to specific requirements, be it database design and integration, web development, e-commerce integration, or custom application development.

Our latest development tool? WordPress. WordPress is not just blogging software anymore. It is a latest and greatest web content publishing platform with a clear focus on W3 standards, user experience and rich looking. It’s been a leading choice of CMS for SEO companies, marketing and content publishing companies.

As business conditions change, we continue to focus on developing applications that increase the efficiency and productivity of our clients, regardless of their industry. While the digital world becomes more and more integrated, the diverse experiences of our past make a great foundation for the future.

Web Design

Beautiful, functional websites that exceed your business needs.

Content Creation

From dynamic to static content, images and video, we can help create your site.

Customer Support

Heroic customer support, nothing less. We get it done!


In a dynamic world, static solutions will quickly fall behind. SiteJockey is committed to developing solutions that meet the constant challenges of a dynamic business environment. We take our clients step-by-step from challenge to solution and beyond.

Because each project is unique, we develop a customized process for approaching each project. We use extensive pre-production planning to define a structure that will guide the project toward success. Essential to this process is the evaluation of specific production needs in order to determine the best integration of our core areas of expertise. We make sure that the collaborative process produces a collective result that is successful on all levels: strategy, technology, creative, and content.

When the project is completed, we’re still not finished. Together with our client, we continue to evaluate the success of the project in order to be certain all objectives have been met, and to determine what future challenges must be faced. Challenges will come, but we have the expertise to help you stay a step ahead.

Our Partners

Here are just some of our partner companies we work with.